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Everything. Especially when it comes to dental pain.
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ortodontie It is very important to have a perfect smile and a balanced occlusion to have a healthy dento-alveolar complex.

Therefore our specialists in Orthodontics come to meet these problems in order to prevent them and to treat them properly. Orthodontics is applicable both for children and adolescents, but also for adults. Where necessary, we use laser dentistry and pediatric dentistry. Our dentists and orthodontists suggest to the patients correctly assessed and evaluated treatment plans, in order for you to make the best decisions for the health of your and your children’s smile.

Esthetic ceramic fixed dental brackets- Clarity Advanced The ceramic brackets used in our clinic have a superior design to the classical ceramic brackets. They are thinner, they integrate better with the enamel from a colour point of view, they practically imitate the colour of the enamel, they are versatile in biomechanics and they are easier removed from the tooth at the end of the treatment.

Sapphire fixed esthetic dental brackets The esthetic brackets made of transparent ceramic (commonly known as sapphire brackets) offer a more esthetic smile with the brackets. People you meet occasionally will not even notice your brackets! You can choose with your orthodontist which esthetic brackets fit best on your teeth. Treatment duration? It depends on the severity of the problem. It can take from one year up to 2-3 years.

Fixed metal dental brackets Metal brackets are the thinnest metal brackets, they are the easiest to clean, the easiest to be removed from the tooth and they ensure a smooth sliding of the tooth onto the metal arch braces. Metal brackets are popular among teenagers. The appearance can be changed at every activation session. The braces that that attach the spring to the brackets are available in a variety of colors. They can be combined and arranged in patterns depending on the creativity of everyone (there are also phosphorescent braces)