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When a cavity is not treated on time, the infection can spread into the tooth’s “core” affecting nerves and blood vessels. When this happens, the pain can be unbearable. One of this diseases is called “teeth rabies”. In this case, the nerve cannot be saved and it must be removed. The empty canal that remains must be prepared, disinfected and sealed with a permanent cement.

If the infection is not treated at this stage, then it spreads to the tooth’s root tip, is settles there starting to “erode” the adjacent bone, making “pockets” of pus – granuloma or cysts. Such infections are much more difficult to be treated, requiring special pastes with antibiotics which must be inserted in the canal and left there, sometimes for several months. However, If the infection cannot be treated, then the dentist resorts to surgery in order to eliminate the infection by removing the root tip (resection). In some cases, the tooth extraction is the ultimate solution.

In our clinic, Migail Clinic in Iasi, you can receive the classic root treatment – manual preparation with needles and obturation using a final cement reinforced with cones, or the special canal treatment that supposes the preparation of the canal with rotating needles mounted on an endodontiv motor and its obturation with liquid gutapercha – the method is much safer and efficient. Also, the infected canals can be sterilized with the Laser.