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What would you do to see them laughing?

Everything. Especially when it comes to dental pain.
That is why we created TenderCare.

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Dental caries is the most common disease of the tooth. Especially nowadays, with the more and more refined sugars and the artificial food components that easily attack the tooth enamel, we can say that all persons have cavities.

On The Hardness Scale, the tooth enamel comes immediately after diamond, yet bacteria still manage to penetrate it, especially through grooves and fossettes from the tooth surface, but also through the areas that are difficult to be cleaned with a toothbrush. These interdental spaces should be cleaned with additional means of hygiene such as floss and interdental brushes.

Our dentists can treat all types of cavities in order to prevent future complications and nerve damage. In our clinic, cavities can be treated in a “classic” way, using the dental drilling unit, but also with modern techniques, like the Aquacut – which uses abrasive powder – or the Waterlase MD Laser from Biolase.

This type of laser works in a non-contact manner while the laser beam sterilizes all the areas it touches. This technology is extremely useful in the case of people with high sensitivity.