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Painless equipment and technologies

Laser Dentistry - the latest technology in dental medicine

Laser Dentistry - the latest technology in dental medicine.

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Aparat Aquacut
Aquacut Quattro

The Aquacut - a friendly device which includes a superior technique for cavity treatments.

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It is achieved by administration of mild sedative substances that allow performing medical acts without pain.

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Poza 6 microscop 486184_455130777857233_393722185_n
Endodontic microscope lens Karl Zeiss

The OPMI Pico dental microscope helps increase the efficiency of reaching the endodontic procedures.

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Poza 7 Raypex 5
Apexlocator Raypex 5

RAYPEX - superior equipment for measuring the root canal length

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Poza 8 vdw silver index
Endodontic motor VDW Silver with VDW Mtwo rotative technology

Advanced technique for the preparation of canals.

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Poza 10 BeeFill 28846_448361185200859_2126042566_n
BeeFill 2in1- Advanced technique for canal fillings

Advanced technique for canal fillings

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Digital radiology center

We have a high-end and high-fidelity digital radiology center, the main advantage of which being that it exposes the patient to a radiation dose up to 90% lower compared to classic film technology.

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unituri dentare
Dental units with comfortable chairs

Dental units with comfortable chairs on which the patient can totally relax.

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Ultrasonic Scaling Devices

Equipped with an automatic feedback sistem, it ensures high performance in aplying teeth whitening treatments also being of much help in these processes.

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Curing lamps

For impeccable obturations - Very important tools for the reinforcement and durability of the applied treatments.

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Whitening lamp

For teeth whitening and for giving a perfect smile in just 45 minutes.

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Turbines and micro-technology with optical fiber

For a fast and timely reaction of the equipment.

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A high-end sterilizaton device provided with a printer, for the perfect sterilization of the medical equipment.

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Instrument sealing device

The sterilization process provides safe protection only when the sterile condition of the instruments is kept constant from the moment of sterilization and until its effective use.

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Distiller that provides pure distilled water used in the applied treatments.

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Carl Martin, Medesy, LM Instruments, Hu Friedy - a high efficiency in achieving the works.

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Aspiratie chirurgicala

No description.

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No description.

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Bai cu ultrasunete

No description.

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