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Endodontic microscope lens Karl Zeiss

The OPMI Pico microscope helps to correctly determine and visualize the dental canal entirely. The high-end device is indispensable for the correct and efficient endodontic treatment. Come to Migali Dental Clinic to benefit from the most advanced equipment!

The OPMI Pico dental microscope helps increase the efficiency of reaching the endodontic procedures. By microscopic visualization, the dentist can see with maximum precision the dental problems of the canal and therefore he will prepare a treatment plan much more appropriate and efficient to your condition.

The device is available at Migali Dental Clinic.
The avantages of the dental microscope:
For endodontics:
• identification of additional channels
• identification of inlets into the canals
• identifying and treating the calcified canals
• the restoration of the incorrectly treated canal
• identification of root perforations and sealing them
• visualization and removal of the needls broken in the canals
• detection of root fractures
For implantology and surgery:
• checking the gums contour and facilitating the procedures for sinus lift
• the possibility of making small incisions to make fine sutures, which leads to faster healing and lower postoperative pain
For periodontics, odontology – karyology, prosthetics:
• the removal of all necrotic tissue during flap surgery
• verifying the total removal of the altered dentine
• checking the marginal adaptation of fillings
• checking preparations
• verification of the marginal adaptation of dental works.

The endodontic treatment performed with an endodontic microscope is currently the most complex way of working in endodontics. As always, a quality dental treatment requires, aside from experience and professionalism of the dental team, also advanced equipment and technologies. The Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico dental microscope is a high-end dental device, existing in our clinic.

The microscope can be used in all dental procedures, but most often it is used in endodontics for root canal treatments. Inflammations or infections most often occur due to pulp bacterial aggression in deep cavities or large trauma to the teeth or periodontal disease. If you do not establish a complete and complex endodontic treatment, the infection can spread to the surrounding tissues, the tooth must be extracted from the arch, as it constitutes a source of pain and an infection area to the body.

The endodontic treatment is also known as the “root canal” or “removal of the nerve.” It is one of the most common dental procedures that treat inflammation and infection present inside the tooth (the pulp chamber and the entire system of the root canals), thus protecting it from further complications and infections that can lead to the tooth loss from the arch. Studies show that classic endodontic treatment has a success rate of 50-60%, while the use of the microscope provides a success rate of over 90%, eliminating many risks.

Classic endodontics justifies the many failures in that it lacks visibility, and the dentist relies solely on the sense of touch. Basically, he works with the eyes ofhis fingertips. The microscope came to help dentist showing how true the words of the great specialist in endodontics, Prof. S. Kim, are: “You can’t treat what you can’t see”).

Using the microscope has led to an increased success rate of the endodontic treatments, making it possible to treat teeth that were once deemed to be extracted. The zoom and lighting of the tooth image make possible an exceptional dental treatment. The outstanding optical performance provides the ability to view details that can not be seen with the naked eye. The microscope image is magnified and very clear.

The high quality of the image is due to coaxial illumination (a light source is oriented in the same direction as the view of the dentist, avoiding shadowing), but also to the very good rendering of colours. Visualizing the finest details is very important for diagnosis and treatment. Many patients believe that endodontic treatment ends upon the completion of the root fillings.

There are still some steps that are equally important for healthy teeth and a longer life on the arch. It is necessary to rebuild the tooth crown (depending on how bad it is destroyed) by a coronal obturation (filling) or by making a dental crown with or without intra-radicular pivot. This device offers security, accuracy, convenience, lower duration of treatment, benefiting from excellent results, impossible to achieve with conventional technologies.

This high precision instrument allows the performance of dental treatments of the highest quality.

Microscopul endodontic cu lentile Karl Zeiss