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Laser Dentistry – the latest technology in dental medicine

Laser Dentistry – the latest technology in dental medicine
It’s pain free

Waterlase MD is a revolutionary technology in painless dentistry. The device is ideal for the dental treatment of children or adults who fear the dentist. Come and test the latest equipment at Migali Dental Clinic.

Main advantages: cariology, endodontics
The use of laser in dentistry decreases pain by 80%, often without the need of anesthesia.
The carious cavity preparation takes place without using the dental drill, avoiding the direct contact and the drilling noise.
It sterilizes deep tissues helping to prevent the dental caries recurrence.
It prepares the irregularly-shaped carious cavity (“fish scales”) contributing to the resistance in time of the obturation.
The sterilization of the radicular canals avoids the surgical intervention. The lack of microfractures in the teeth structure that can occur when using the drill.

Perfect blend between the tooth and filling. The laser energy is accumulated in the tissue producing cellular microexplosions, so that the adhesion surface of the obturation is made up of intact cells instead of “ragged” ones, as when using the drill. Thereby infiltrations and marginal secondary caries are avoided.

Outstanding results in treating tooth gangrene. Instead of repeated treatment sessions that can last for a month, now filling canals can be done in just a single session.

Surgery, implantology, periodontology
Significant reduction of postoperative pain and edema – this is very important in dental implants and surgery.
Thorough sterilization of the bone and radicular tissue, guaranteeing no recurrence.
Significant reduction of postoperative pain and edema.
Minimal tissue injuries with almost instantaneous healing.
Correct removal of necrotic and inflamed tissue from the inner side of the gum’s mucosa, in all periodontal interventions.

Other applications
Painless and suture-free removal of benign tumors of the gums, palate, cheek mucosa and lips.
Aphthae and herpes treatment.
Dentin hypersensitivity treatment, commonly found in children’s dentistry.

Marea provocare a medicinei dentare este evitarea durerii. Cum? De exemplu, folosind Waterlase MD – tehnologia fara durere.
Migali Dental Clinic va propune un scurt film de prezentare a aparatului de ultima generatie Waterlase MD – tehnologia fara durere!

No drill – no vibration – no noise – no pain!
Spune NU frezei, vibratiei, zgomotului, durerii!
Migali Dental Clinic, locul unde zambetele se nasc fara suferinta!

Waterlase MD este o tehnologie revolutionara in stomatologia fara durere. Aparatul este ideal pentru tratamentele dentare ale copiilor sau persoanelor care au frica de dentist. Vino si testeaza aparatura de ultima generatie la Migali Dental Clinic

Experimenteaza tehnologia fara durere Waterlase MD la Migali Dental Clinic! It’s pain free!

Tehnologii fara durere – Waterlase MD, numai la Migali Dental Clinic.