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What would you do to see them laughing?

Everything. Especially when it comes to dental pain.
That is why we created TenderCare.

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Subscriptions for legal persons

Benefits for company subscription
1. The subscription cost is a deductible expense, according to the Tax Code Article 21, Paragraph 3, Letter c – up to 2% of the gross wages can be used to pay benefits for the employees treatments.
2. You can compensate for wage cuts or personnel.
3. Possibility of solving expressed or potential wage demands.
4. The Dental Subscription has a much greater impact than the equivalent financial remuneration.
5. Employee Retention – safety, protection and support add up to your company’s image.
6. Improving business performance by stimulating the capacity of the employees.
7. Special conditions for subscription types (flexible schedules, attention given to families).

Benefits of the employees subscription:
1. Prices lower than the standard one, at the same quality – the treatments included in subscriptions have lower costs (between 20 and 50% lower).
2. Increasing the living standards.
3. Prevention of more serious disorders – prophylaxis.