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What would you do to see them laughing?

Everything. Especially when it comes to dental pain.
That is why we created TenderCare.

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(Română) Tender Care

The “light hand” milenium dissapeared. Now we are talking about new generation Equipment and Technology that relieves pain and discomfort.

TenderCare is a program where all the resources (technological, practical, didactical, human, financial) are exploited with the purpose of fear removal and its decrease.

People – The Migali Team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals. They understand your fear and suffering and have all the resources necessary to remove them.

Technology – The equipment and all materials are of high performance, completing the experience, thoroughness and patience of people which support the program.

Information – Migali Clinic is the place where the patient is really listened to. Furthermore, an educated and informed patient is half cured. Therefore all steps and procedures are explained in detail. In addition, the patient can view the entire medical process with the intraoral camera.

Fidelity – The TenderCare Program is a subscription support conceived to take constant care of your family. Migali cards are a priority guarantee for your family’s health care.